How to make shrimp broth - Shrimp broth

The shrimp broth or shrimp broth is one of the essential ingredients when it comes to cooking with seafood. The taste and aroma of this preparation are worth gold.

The idea of ​​this broth is to use it as a substitute for water in fish and seafood recipes they require it. And I clarify: you can use it for preparations with shrimp, squid, prawns, mussels, clams, etc.

You can also use it for seafood paella, seafood sauces for fish, soups, creams, etc.

Just imagine a plate of seafood pasta whose sauce includes a portion of this shrimp stock. Or a seafood risotto that instead of water, use this precious liquid. Can you imagine the taste? Well, get to work!

Preparation of a good homemade shrimp broth (shrimp broth)

  1. You need the skin and heads of fresh prawns, which are not previously cooked.
  2. You can mix prawns, prawns, shrimp and prawns. There are also people who put some fish head for extra flavor.
  3. You need a deep pot where all the ingredients fit. The correct measurement is approximately twice the volume of water with respect to the head and skin of the shrimp.
  4. You will only season it with a pinch of salt and a couple of bay leaves.
  5. Once cooked, strain the broth and discard the heads.
  6. You can store this stock in the fridge for a couple of days, no more than that. Or freeze it to make it last longer.Add 1 liter of water, salt and bay leaves.
  7. Put to the fire to maximum power, once it begins to boil, lowers the temperature to half.

  8. After about 25 minutes remove from heat. Pass the broth through a colander and go.

There are other methods to prepare this broth. Some people fry the skin and heads of the shrimp in butter before boiling them, others add a stream of wine, others add onions, celery and chives, parsley, cloves. All these options are valid , and in fact, in a cooking school they will tell you to put the onion, celery and chives in the broth.

While any of the ingredients previous are welcome and they will provide flavor, are not imperative to make a good shrimp stock. I do it as I explained it here and the result is wonderful .